Illmore Records

ILLMORE RECORDS! If you want to know something about the upstart Hip Hop label, this front page will tell you everything that you need to know. Founded by the Black brothers out of Buffalo, N.Y., the label was started and grown out of a love of the Hip Hop culture. Not just a love of the rap game or mcing, but the culture as a whole. "Coming up we were influenced by all of the aspects that were fuelling the culture as the golden era of Hip Hop was beginning. Rather it was the films like Breakin' one & two, Beat Street, etc or the classic lps & records of Run DMC, Dougie Fresh and Slick Rick, Fat Boys, LL Cool J, etc, etc; Hip Hop has always been in our veins and taught us alot about our culture, when we weren't learning about it anywhere else" says one of the founding members, Curtis Black. He continues; "Primarily our place in the game was going to be mcing, so it was the freestyles, rhymes and beatboxing that we gravitated to and it laid out our foundation as we started recording four track tapes after four track tapes and working on our freestyle, long before we even realized how serious we were about this". It was this passion that feed the work ethic which has the indie label continuing to grow today, as the label prepares to release their sixth and seventh projects since their first cd dropped back in the summer of 2009; with plenty more in the box. So in this day and age, where plenty are questioning the consistency and survival of Hip Hop, keep it locked in with a growing label, who's love for the culture will not only fuel future lps for years to come but other ventures into the entertainment spectrum. So take a ride withthe team and realize that it's Illmore all day, everyday! 

Where the boardroom and streets collide!