Illmore Records


Title- Audio Shrapnel

Artists-DJ Goldmine/Various

Release Date-Boxing Day 2016

Title- Slim Pickins

Artist- Ricochet Ray Slim

Release Date-Summer 2017

Title- Out The Vault

Artists-DJ Goldmine/Various

Release Date- Spring 2017

Title- AJ BUMPS MO ILL                                        

Artists- Bumpy Kinks & AJ Fontaine

Release Date-Spring2017

Title- Sorry I Missed You

Artist- E-Class

Release Date- Spring 2017


Title- Children Of The Corn

Artist- Exodus Bey

Release Date-Winter 2017


MO UPCOMING RELEASES   Artist             Date    

The Reclamation Project     Bumpy Kinks  Summer 2017

Untitled                                 Q                      TBD

Untitled                              Bruce Blemz       TBD

D.I.T.M.                      Corner Resistance    Summer 2017

Free Verse                            Exodus Bey       TBD 

Majority Rules!                      Exodus Bey       TBD

BM!                                       Bumpy Kinks       2017  


Stay tuned for constant updates as dates are subject to change and/or new projects are bound to be added.