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Remember when some of the new kids in your class got the new Nikes and you were stuck wearing some sorta of Buddies or the knockoff Ikes? Or for months you wanted that Michael Jackson jacket with the zippers, but when you finally returned to school, three kids in your class have it already, each in a different color? Or what about when you helped your Mom throw out her fashionable 1970's bell-bottoms, just before they made a new appearance yet again? The new school can relate to the skinny jeans phenomenon. What about the poor kids, who just caught up with the baggy jeans and have to switch yet again? This is a universal problem, getting the right clothes at a affordable price. Not any longer though....

 You now can with Illmore Gear!!! An offshoot of the record label, Illmore Records, Illmore Gear was originally for the label's artists, to help promote the brand in videos, while wearing t-shirts and bandanas. Well this gear is now available to the public. T-Shirts and bandanas are just the beginning, as other ideas are currently being considered or developed. At the forefront is some Women's sporting wear under the same Illmore banner. So don't get left behind this time. Strike first and get the clothing that's "Mo Ill" than the next. Illmore Gear, what are you wearing this year?! 

Where's all of the Illmore Gear at?! Don't let this be your closet! What are you wearing this year?!  

 Jeans, boxers, hats, runners? What will be the next thing off of the Illmore Gear product line? With a few things in the works, it looks to be an exciting future for the clothing line. However we want to hear from you. Let us know what kinda of gear you wanna rock with the Illmore logo on it in the future. Let us know at Illmore Gear, what are you wearing this year?!

Illmore's first ad for the expanding clothing line. Illmore Gear, what are you wearing this year?! 

Current Product Offerings 

The Black Illmore T-Shirt currently only on sale for $15 

The Illmore Black bandana currently on sale for $5 

Continue to support the current Illmore product line as it will allow us to bring more selection to you in the future. Payment options will expand in the near future, allowing you to pay directly here on the site; however in the meantime, just contact us at for all and any orders. 

Illmore Team in Illmore Gear.