Illmore Records

There's NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX,  HBO, OWN, FAMILY, SPIKETV, A&E, ESPN, etc, etc, etc and now there's..... ILLMORETV. What's the difference between Illmoretv and all the other stations that are out there, rather cable or web based? Illmoretv is dedicated to not only bringing you news, videos and interviews from Illmore artists around the clock, but is also dedicated to bringing you footage from the urban community on a ongoing basis. Rather this be concert footage or interviews from established artists, this will all be viewable on Illmoretv. It also will serve as a platform for the Illmore label as we move into other entertainment and multimedia forums. This could include anything from short films to documentaries. This page will be dedicated to providing Illmore footage and sneak peaks on an ongoing basis. If you need the full audio-visual experience, then definitely subscribe to us on youtube at Illmoretv: . It's Illmore all day, everyday!!!  

"Idle Chat"-Bumpy Kinks & feat Lauryn Hill. This is a popular video from the 2009 Illmore release entitled "B-LO TO T.O. : The Underground Route" 

"Prism"-Abaddon. This is from the 2nd Illmore release from Sept. 2010 entitled "ABADOOM". This is Abaddon's first solo release. 

Check out this 2011 summer jam called "Sunshine(Kingston Hot) from Jamaican artist Bruce Blemz! Blemz can also be heard currently on the "Illmore Reloaded" compilation and look for his solo lp released through Illmore late 2011 or early 2012! 

This is a promo ad for X's anticipated 2011 first solo release entitled; "Slave Currency: Before the science" . Lp dropped Summer 2011. 

Freestyle corner!!! 

Jack Da Tripper puts it down the only way he really know how, off the dome! 

Two of Illmore's finest, Abaddon & Bumpy Kinks go off the top!