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A brave new Illmore world! Everyone is listening! Find out what it's all about and experience the buzz for yourself! 

Don't be the last to know! This soon to be poorly kept secret, is the best way to preview Illmore music, even in certain cases, before the album hits the streets! This is the first ad promoting the website's newest feature.

Remember when even before you heard that latest Hip Hop track on the radio or at the club, being spun by your favorite DJ, the first place you heard the track was in the privacy of your own home, with your headphones on. You probably have something rolled up or something cold in your hand and is there a better way to take in the latest track or lp from your favorite artist?! Come on the ride with us where it's just you, your headphones and the latest Illmore tracks! This is all here at the Illmore Listening Lounge! Hear a couple of tracks from our current releases and newer tracks from our unreleased projects! Even if you go out Saturday night, what's a better way to unwind from a hectic night than with some of the Illmore joints at our 24 hr lounge. Illmore stays open for our devoted heads and fans alike. It's Illmore all day, everyday! 

 Tracks from "Illmore Reloaded" released Summer 2011

7. T.H.U.G. Uprising- Luchie aka Lucky, Beedie & Bumpy Kinks.mp3

5. Me against the world-2Pac & Abaddon.mp3

Tracks from "Slave Currency: Before the science" released Summer 2011 

17. Niggerish-X.mp3

2. I really mean it-X.mp3

A 2011 summer blazer from Bruce Blemz! Look for his debut lp, through Illmore Records, early next year. 

Bruce Blemz- Sunshine (Kingston Hot).mp3

Tracks from the September 2010 2nd Illmore release, "Abadoom".  

04. Canada's dead-Abaddon.mp3

10. Little things-Abaddon.mp3

Two tracks from the lp that started the Illmore party; "B-LO To T.O.: The Underground Route", released back in the summer of 2009. 

17. Black Goldberg(Who's Next)-Beedie.mp3

16. No Relief-Tosh & G.Stokes.mp3