Illmore Records

Everything in existence started from somewhere and this is Illmore's beginning! While some of you may have heard some of these releases, or all of them or none of them, these are what got the label started. While they were offered through free download at various times here through the site, now to get copies of any of these past Illmore releases, drop us a line at our email below. Thank you for your continued support and look out for our label's future releases! It's Illmore all day, everyday!  

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Illmore's Discology 

1."B-LO to T.O. : The Underground Route"- Various/DJ Goldmine-Summer 2009

2. "ABADOOM"- Abaddon-Sept 2010

3. "Illmore Reloaded"-Various/DJ Goldmine- Summer 2011

4. "Slave Currency: Before The Science"- Exodus Bey- Summer 2011

5. "The Seven Deadly Sins: Stillborn Redemption"- Bumpy Kinks- Fall of 2014

6. "My Brother's Keeper"- Exodus Bey- Summer of 2015

7. "Audio Shrapnel"- Various/DJ Goldmine- Winter of 2016




What is essentially Illmore's launch party, the camp strongly busts onto the scene to make their mark. With styles reminiscent to the Golden Era of Hip Hop, the camp confidently flows in this way and shows the lyrically chops to back it up. Subject matter also points in this direction as the Illmore team seems to announce we're here and ready to push the pretend hip hop aside or to remember the hip hop days gone by. They show Hip Hop's not dead and take you back to a more soulful version of Hip Hop, with thought provoking music and including humorous skits. A successful coming out party for the team indeed. 

ILLMORE RELOADED              (Summer 2011)

If B-LO TO T.O. :The Underground Route were warning shots, Illmore Reloaded is a full on, take no prisoners, verbal assault. Most of the players from the first cd return, as the cd is more of the same. Confident drenched Hip Hop, ready to do lyrically combat. DJ Goldmine again mans the wheels of steel, on this fast moving, slick production, which again is laced with humorous skits, which is a nice backdrop for the Illmore team's verbal assaults. The Illmore team is definitely continuing to climb the underground ladder towards musical dominance.


ABADOOM       (Sept 2010)

This is a solo effort from one of the executive producers from the first two Illmore compilation street lps. Abaddon also has started to build up an impressive production resume. He's produced for a collabo lp with Toronto rapper Gee Wunder, for Mad Child of Swollen Members fame, did a track for Robbie Blake, which featured Toronto rapper Choclair, as well as a remix of his was included on Boot Camp Click street lp, to name a few. On this effort though, he left the production entirely to MF Doom, hence the title ABADOOM. A very soulful effort showing that in key areas of flow, concepts and lyrics, Aba may just be the new torch bearer from Canada. A very strong effort that with it's smooth presense should continue to be bumped at summer bbqs and on Sunday drives for years to come.  


"That's you rhyming X"?!. Common statement of shock and pleasant surprize that has been heard since X picked up da mic on Illmore's first compilation cd and he's refused to let it go since. The conscious mind behind Exodus Movements, X decided that the mic was the next progression in spreading his message of truth, knowledge and awareness. It isn't all lecture time and study hall though as X's first solo effort will also have you bobbing your head and grinning at his wittiness. A very strong solo effort from the conscious crusader.