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Two of Illmore's hardest working from time, fittingly have two of the label's most recent solo releases. Bumpy Kinks' "The Seven Deadly Sins: Stillborn Redemption" dropped Halloween of 2014, while Exodus Bey's "My Brother's Keeper" dropped Summer 2015. Two hot projects, from two conscious mcs, who are dropping jewels in their own distinctive ways! Check out both cds free for a limited time and make Illmore ya new home for Hip Hop music! It's Illmore all day, everyday!

Album Synopsis

The Seven Deadly Sins: Stillborn Redemption            (Fall of 2014)

The first double cd that the label has dropped was the autobiographical story of artist Bumpy Kinks' life. An concept lp from start to finish, you'll ride with Bumpy Kinks, on his first solo mission, as his lyrical exploits take you through all that he has seen and where he has been and gives you a peek at where he is going. With production from upcoming producers such as Toronto's own Einstein and Abaddon, among others, this a great listen, which will have you questioning your own morality and the tough decisions and ethics that we all struggle with on a day to day basis as we evolve.    


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Album Synopsis

My Brother's Keeper       (Summer of 2015)

 After realizing in this world that "Slave Currency" was a tough pill to swallow, X aka Exodus Bey took a step back and reloaded, switching the name up to the new 'Exodus Bey' and coming with a pile of new material, which equals his new lp entitled "My Brother's Keeper". The lp, while heavily produced by Illmore & Da Community producer Abaddon & Green Finch among others. It continues in the vein of the material that you have come to expect from the Conscious Crusader, as he shines the light on oft overlooked issues and wants to know do you have your brother's back in these tough times? Hard hitting material that will keep you thinking. 

Exodus Bey- My Brother's Keeper Pt Exodus Bey- My Brother's Keeper Pt
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Exodus Bey-My Brother's Keeper Pt Exodus Bey-My Brother's Keeper Pt
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22. Bumpy Kinks - Rhyme Mares.mp3

29(6). Bumpy Kinks - Daddyless Seeds feat. Calvin Eberts.mp3

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03 Reflection.mp3

6. Bumpy Kinks-Crews Bringin'.mp3

15 Power in numbers feat Umar Johnson.mp3

35(12). Bumpy Kinks - Don't Give A Damn feat AJ Fontaine.mp3