Illmore Records

Lyrics just aren't bouncin' or flowin' the way that they are suppose to? 

Need that new video to capture your song's vibe just right? 

Your company exists but no one knows that you're there? 

 Struggling to be discovered?! Well aren't we all?! That's the name of the game at the independent level. Time and resources always seem to be at a minimum, while the major labels have plenty of it. Over the last fifteen years we have seen the number of operating labels continuously shrink as globalism-like in every other sector-grabbed on tight to the entertainment industry. Now upstart artists and labels have to try to emulate the majors, as best they can on a shoe string budget. We all have seen plenty of indie labels come out of nowhere to become powerhouses. I'm sure Motown, Stax Records, Death Row, Def Jam, No Limit, etc, may have run through some minds, depending on what era you're from. Unfortunately times have changed and the good old hey days may be long gone. If you're an artist on the come up now and can't get the attention you need, why not come to an organization that's self sufficient, with plenty of music industry knowledge and experience to help you with you area of concern. The same blue collar approach that surrounded some of the label's founders during their upbringing, is now available at a reasonable price. Different services offered currently included;

-Songwriting(lyrical or composition)

-Video Filming

-Video Editing


-Album cover design



-Studios at a reasonable price

-Start up web design

With more to be added in the near future!

For more information and pricing, please contact us at However look forward to a full pricing list online in the near future.

We look forward to hearing from you!