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Areas of origin. (Where it all started

Buffalo, N.Y.

A couple of the founders of Illmore Records came from this area. This area helped mold a lot of the founders' viewpoints on the world in general and hip hop music specifically. A lot of love goes out to this area as Illmore continues to grow. 

Niagara Falls, N.Y. & Ontario. 

This all important area is the "bridge so to speak " between Illmore's two main ports, Buffalo & Toronto. This is a nice leisure area where Illmore members get their much needed downtime, to get away from everything and to just relax. 

Toronto, Ontario.

Rounding out this trifecta, is one of Canada's largest and most beautiful cities. Where as Toronto is very young as far as the urban music scene is concerned,-especially in terms of recognition- it has been on the come up lately. However, Toronto has been recognized for a long time as a desirable North America city to reside in. Continue to watch as Illmore's second home continues it ascend towards the top and music history.

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