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 Remember how back in the day you looked at the WU Tang and Wu Tang family and if you were just a curious bystander-sorta into the music-you might be like "Who the hell is in this group again?" Or "There's so many of them though!". Only the faithful followers would be aware that Wu Tang has 9 original members-plus 12 dozen add ons-and that Rza and Gza along with ODB were the founding fathers of the Wu. This is a similar dynamic that you get with Scarborough's own, Swagger's Prob. Insiders would be aware that these Illmore youngsters are led by the sister and brother team of Elissa and Justice Kirby-Black. While them and other members of Swagger's Prob are all still in grade school, they have shown a knack for the entertainment venue. Two other key members-Calvin Eberts and Jahfarrie Ricketts-along with the aforementioned two-have taken on many challenges at a young age. They all have played parts in Illmore early videos and ads and taken on different entertainment elements in school performances such as dance, singing or playing an instrument.  Elissa has quite a track record as a dancer. She's taken part in competitive dance offs in both the Hip Hop and Break dancing genre, in alot of instances choreographing her own dance routine. Added to this she and her brother Justice have started to record rap songs at the studio and to experiment with freestyling. Calvin and Jahfarrie have both shown the ability and confidence to sing and express themselves in different genres. Calvin has shown a leaning towards rock music as he records songs with a rock influenced band on the side, while Jahfarrie has shown soulful chops and seems to prefer R&B music. Add all of this to the other talented youths loosely affiliated with the group and Swagger's Prob is bound to be a prob to other groups' swag for years to come. 

This is Big Liss & J-Rock's first Illmore video, fresh off of Illmoretv on youtube. Subscribe now!!!

 Big Liss & J-Rock heading up Swagger's Prob.

Big Liss displaying some of her breaking skills, putting a "freeze" on folks. 

 Big Liss shows off her talent on Toronto's Talent show


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